Spooktacular Healthy Smoothie Ideas For A Guilt-Free Halloween!

Blog | Healthy Smoothie Ideas | Kitchen Life Store We’ve curated a variety of superfood healthy smoothie treats to trick your taste buds into thinking you’re indulging in some Halloween candy even though these can be enjoyed year-round!

Few days left till Halloween! We’ve curated a variety of superfood smoothie treats to trick your taste buds into thinking you’re indulging in some Halloween candy even though these can be enjoyed year-round!

If you’ve been craving chocolate bars, cookie dough or gummy candy, look no further – this list is guaranteed to satisfy sweet tooth’s of all ages. Staying on a healthy track while enjoying all the holiday goodness has never been this easy!

Persimmon Jack O’Lantern 🎃

The starchy and mild taste of butternut squash makes it a perfect smoothie base. Aside from the nutritional benefits it provides our bodies (beta carotene and fiber), a combination of pear, persimmon, pumpkin spice and seeds provides additional fiber, healthy fat and anti-inflammatory properties that your body will thank you for!  Did we mention it’s also low in calories, fat and sugar?

Check the recipe here

Bat Blood Smoothie 🦇

This wickedly good smoothie might look pretty spooky but it’s packed full of super nutritious ingredients that will help turn the fussy eater into a cheering fan! With a beautiful vibrant red color using beetroot as a base, this recipe is a nutritional powerhouse. Also featuring raspberries and banana, this orchestra of fruity deliciousness makes it a winning smoothie for kids and adults to enjoy.

Check the recipe here

Frankenstein and Friends Green Halloween Smoothie 👾

If it’s loved by Frankenstein and his crew, there’s no reason why your kids won’t love it too! If the leafy greens haven’t been appealing to the little ones, with a little bit of creative magic this green smoothie won’t be their last.  Made of spinach, swiss chard, apples, pineapples and banana, this recipe just takes green smoothie to a whole new level. It is a great alternative for adults on sugar watch and a perfect breakfast treat for groups of kids to start their day.

Check the recipe here

Goblin Potion Smoothie 👺

All Hallows Eve is filled with ghost but where are the goblins, you ask? While sugar is turning everyone into a brain eating zombie this season, this fun, tasty and healthy smoothie is all you need to trick and treat everyone to pass up on the sugar. A medley of avocado, chia seeds, coconut water, peaches, orange juice, yogurt and even cauliflower, makes this potion every goblins delight. It’s incredibly healthy and delicious but we must warn you that you might stay a goblin even after Halloween.

Check the recipe here

Candy Corn Smoothie 🍬

Finding it hard to stop munching on those candy corn? Here’s a smoothie you’ll adore, minus all the extra sugar and unwanted calories. As visually appealing as candy corn, this layered smoothie gets its festive looks from turmeric, carrots and mango. So not only will you love taking a selfie while sipping this drink, you’ll also reap its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties! It is also packed with electrolytes, the best drink to hydrate after trick or treating.

Check the recipe here

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