Spooktacular Ghost Lollipops


Playing dress up and swooping around the neighborhood collecting buckets of free candy is a truly momentous occasion for any child. In the United States, Halloween is the second most popular holiday and is often celebrated in a big way.

Although it might not be a holiday that you can associate with gift giving, there are plenty of reasons to send out gifts and surprises especially for the little ones during this fun time of year!

If you’re a grandparent living hundreds of miles away, don’t fret! You can still make your grandchildren feel extra special this Halloween and make your presence felt.

Send your grandchildren a handful of “Ghost” Lollipops. The great thing about this easy to do “Ghost” Lollipops it is that you won’t need a flying broom to deliver them intact. It is surely a treat any kid can enjoy wherever they are in the globe and did we mention they are super easy to make.

The clock is ticking! Halloween is coming near. Get the tools straight out of the kitchen and send out the goodies. This small gesture will absolutely make any child Fangtastic special this Halloween! 


  • Lollipops
  • Coffee Filters or White tissue paper sheets
  • Black or Orange Ribbon
  • Black Marker
  • Kitchen Life® Scissors


  1. If using Coffee Filters, use 2 Coffee Filters per Lollipop.
  2. If you use tissue paper, lay a sheet of tissue paper and cut it in half lengthwise. Fold it in half and then in half again until you get small square pieces.
  3. Place Coffee Filters or Tissue Paper around the top of the lollipop and start squeezing it on the base of the lollipop gently forming the head of the ghost.
  4. Cut approximately 10 -12 inches length of black ribbon or thread and tie around the base of the head forming a bow and secure it well over the Coffee Filter or tissue paper.
  5. Cut the ends of the ribbon with your Kitchen Life® scissors.
  6. Using a black marker, create two circles for the ghost’s eyes and one for the ghost’s mouth. You can get creative here.
  7. Repeat the same steps for the remaining lollipops.
  8. Voila! They are ready to be shipped along with a Halloween Card
  9. You may also add additional candy treats for an extra dose of surprise! However, remember shipping chocolate to a hot climate is not recommended.

We’d love to see pictures of your Halloween Projects. Comment below and share your ideas on how to make this Halloween Extra Special!

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