Best Small Business Ideas for Foodies

 Blog | Best Small Business Ideas for Foodies| Kitchen Life Store If you’ve been wanting to start your own food related business and are overwhelmed by the amount of upfront capital, don’t fret. Here are a few businesses ideas you can start with really low capital.

If you’ve been wanting to start your own food related business and have run out of ideas and/or are overwhelmed by the amount of upfront capital needed then read on. Although the suggestions below may not be enough for you to leave your full-time job just yet, the great news is that you can actually start these businesses with really low capital and can provide you an extra income that surely will come handy!

Bed & Breakfast (B&B)

Does your town have some tourist traction? If you live in an up and coming tourist destination and you love to entertain guests then a Bed & Breakfast might be the business to consider. A well-appointed spare room or guest house is all you need to run your very own B&B. Sites such as Airbnb, VRBO and tripping.com to get things started. Who knows? You might even make new friends along the way.


Have you been working in the food industry a while? Perhaps you are a professional chef who wants to start your own restaurant but don’t have enough startup capital yet? Starting your own catering service is a great way to put your hard earned skills to create extra income. It will also give you a shot in becoming your own boss. All you’ll need is access to a commercial kitchen, some servers which you can hire part time, and assistant cooks that you can also hire on a per client basis. The cost of starting up a catering business is a lot less compared to having a restaurant and a lot manageable for starters.

You may check US FDA’s website for departments that oversee food regulations in your area. You can also read this useful “How To” guide written by TheBalanceSmallBusiness.com for more information about the costs involved and business plans when starting a catering business.

Check FDA’s Guidance Regulation here:

Check TheBalanceSmallBusiness.com’s How to Start A Catering Service Business here

Custom Baking

If you’re passionate about baking or have worked as a cake designer you can also start your own made-to-order baking business. It’s actually a lot cheaper than starting a catering business as you can simply use your stove at home. All you need to secure is that they are well kept and complies with sanitation and health department codes and regulations. Like the catering business listed above, check FDA’s website for reference. A great article written by Webstaurant Store.com explains the “How – To’s” of a home Bakery, plus it also provides some ideas on how to market your business so you can land your first client.

Check Webstaurant Store.com’s Guide on “How To Start A Home Bakery” here

Craft Brewery

Love beer? If you are a beer enthusiast and have been brewing beer in your home, then a microbrewery can be a great way to monetize your hobby. Most breweries are independently owned so don’t get discouraged in starting small. As the products produced are meant for human consumption, FDA registration is required. Here’s a guide written by Nolo.com which covers the first few steps and potential issues you’ll need to consider to turn your hobby into a commercial enterprise.

Here’s an article written by Nolo.com on How To Start Your Home Brewery Business.

Home Cooked Food Delivery

If you’re living near business districts, then a home cooked food delivery a business can be a great idea. With the growing number of consumers becoming more health conscious and breaking up with fast food chain restaurants, a healthy home cooked meal is actually on high demand.

Here’s a guide you can check from Home Business Ideas Center.com.

Check FDA’s website as well for regulation compliance.

Cooking Instructor

If you’re a chef, another side business you can start is becoming a cooking instructor in your area. The great thing is you can actually start in your kitchen and get your students come over to your house. You can also do this on weekends or whenever you are available. If you’re fond of cooking Thai food or other international cuisine, you can feature that in your class and even share your recipes and or best practices.

Here’s a guide from Entrepreneur.com that covers all the information you need to know to begin in the business.

Food Blogger

Love food and writing? Why not put both passions to use. All you’ll need is your smartphone for taking photos, your own website and some recipe / experiences you’d want to share. You can also put your social media skills into great use. In addition, once you get enough exposure and following you’ll get the chance to even travel or sponsored by the brands you love.

Check out Cookie and Kate’s “How To Start A Food Blog” write-up to get some tips and ideas on best practices in the blogging industry.

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