9 Spooktacular Halloween Breakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Surely Love!

When it comes to the most important meal of the day, parents try every possible idea to get their kids to grab a bite of food. And often, kids don’t always gravitate towards the healthiest options. Sounds like your case? The challenge of making meal time more interesting is every mom’s pain in parenting. One key is to create an environment where the little ones can make healthy nutritional choices so you can ensure that you’re giving them the best start of the day.

If you’re one of those moms that struggle to get the little ones to finish their breakfast, you might want to take a cue from these “Healthy Halloween Inspired Breakfast Ideas.” Remember that you don’t have to get stuck on a rut or pile up on the sweets and wait till the festivities begin to make the days before Halloween feel extra special.

Witch’s Brew Breakfast Pudding

You might not want to start the day with a sugar rush when driving the kids to school. This Witch’s Brew Breakfast Pudding is a great healthy meal to kick starts their morning. Made of mostly spinach, bananas and grapes, this meal is an absolute charmer for the little ones.

Get the recipe here

Healthy Vegan Purple Monster Oatmeal

Get the kids attention with something purple. This sweet potato and oatmeal medley will surely turn the pickiest kid into a veggie lover in no time!

Get the recipe here

Vegan Zombie Free French Toast

Vegan French Toast without eggs? This green, zombie vegan French toast recipe is not only kid-friendly, is also healthy, and made with fruits and veggies. They probably won’t even know that they’re eating something that’s good for them.

Get the recipe here

Jack – o – Lantern Fruit Cups

Don’t want to cook but have some time to spare? Carving is your meal saver. Draw a face right on to the fruit to make an easy fruit cup.

Get the recipe here

Spooky Smoothies

This smoothie is probably the easiest and fastest breakfast to make and certainly the healthiest. Made with delicious fruits and packed with vitamins all in a cup.

Get the recipe here

Pumpkin Waffles with Trail Mix Topping

Add a twist to the regular waffle and top it off with berries and almonds. Sounds like a lot of yum!

Get the recipe here

Mummy Fruit Pies

The cutest fruit pies ever! No child will shy away from breakfast with these Mummy Fruit Pies. Add as a favorite for zero-resistance.

Get the recipe here

Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Cookies

This pumpkin pie is a little sweet treat, but just a healthier alternative. The scent of baked cookies will surely get them up and running into the kitchen.

Get the recipe here

Candy Corn Parfait

Pineapple, lemon and Greek yogurt is all you need to turn breakfast into a fruit cup inspired treat. Easy to prepare, extremely colorful and definitely something kids will enjoy!

Get the recipe here

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