8 Essential Thanksgiving Kitchen Tools!

8 Essential Kitchen Tools For Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just right around the corner, people are already busy creating their shopping list for the big feast. Whether this is your first time preparing a feast, or you’re a seasoned Thanksgiving turkey-basting cook, here’s a few essential kitchen tools you’ll need to make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.


A thermometer is a great all-around kitchen gadget to have especially important when you’re preparing a full Thanksgiving turkey feast. You can also use it to gage the temperature of pies and dinner rolls. Best food thermometers are the ones with a digital display which provide an accurate reading minus all the fuss.

Kitchen Knife Set

As every dish will require some amount of meal prep (ie chopping, peeling or dicing, etc), it’s best to ensure you have a reliable set of kitchen knives. Food preparation is very critical for the positive outcome of your dishes, not to mention when carving your turkey. An expensive carving set is not needed, but cutting your bird with a dull knife will be more time consuming and the results won’t be as visually appealing.

If you already have a set of kitchen knives, then a Knife Sharpener to sharpen your knives is your best bet. Check out Kitchen Life’s Knife Sharpener here.

They say a cook is only as good as his or her tools right?

Roasting Pan

If you’re planning to make a turkey, then this is an obvious must have. You will definitely need a sturdy, reliable, and oversized roasting pan to get the job done. A set with a rack and lifters would be a great option.

Crock Pot
Having a crock pot or slow cooker is a massive Thanksgiving time saver. You can cook side dishes, warm up the gravy, or heat other meals at the same time. Just toss in your ingredients, set to cook, and most of the hard work is done. For side dishes, there are countless recipes available online to help you plan your entire Thanksgiving meals when using a slow cooker. Check out Taste of Home’s 70 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes for your Slow Cooker. You’ll surely love to try a recipe or two.

Kitchen Shears

With so many things going on in the kitchen, it is important to keep your hands safe. The last thing you want to happen is a kitchen disaster that will stop you from getting the rest of the dishes done. Having a Kitchen Shear around saves you a lot of time while ensuring kitchen safety. From cutting off vegetable roots and meat, to opening packages and opening bottles, it is truly one of the most versatile tools to keep in your kitchen! Check out Kitchen Life’s Kitchen Shears here.

Carving board

A carving board may seem to be a bit of an extra expense as it is only used a few times a year.  However, anyone who’s tried using a flat cutting board while cutting meat knows how easily things can lead to a disaster. With a moat around the edges to collect meat juices and drippings, a carving board is also an efficient tool to avoid messes and unnecessary clutter.  Besides, it can double up as a serving board if you don’t have a large serving platter.

Containers For Leftovers

Leftovers, leftovers and more leftovers. In a feast such as Thanksgiving, unless you have a huge number of guests coming over that will help you finish the entire meal you’ve prepared, you’ll pretty much end up with extra food on the table. There is no need to discard it as you can always reheat and reuse your left overs in other recipes. Here’s some Leftover Turkey Recipes you can try by GoodHouseKeeping. Make sure you have ample storage containers for your leftovers to avoid wasting food.

Kitchen Pots

This is another obvious kitchen tool you’ll need but the real question is, do you have the right size? It’s easy to overlook items that we already have in our kitchen especially the basic ones. Getting organized for Thanksgiving and having an understanding of the meal we are to prepare and the size of the servings will save you from any last minute “glitch.” So check out your kitchen and make a list of the pots you will need and if you’ll potentially need few more. The last thing you want is spending time preparing ingredients only to realize your pot is not large enough to cook the recipe.

While we can’t cut down the work that needs to get done for preparing the Thanksgiving feast, we’ve listed these items to make the process a lot smoother so you can spend more time with your family and friends. The great thing about these items is that, they won’t end up as a once-a-year item you will use but rather a great addition to your kitchen tools collection! You’ll certainly feel that it’s a great purchase even after the holidays.

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