5 Tricks To Halloween Detox

5 Tricks To Halloween Detox

The Spookiest Time of the Year is just around the corner!

During Halloween, it’s almost impossible to avoid sugar and it’s also super easy to overindulge. As the Halloween experience cannot be completed without the candy hunt or trick or treating, it’s important to get grounded and detoxify ASAP. If you’re feeling sluggish after a sugar crash, then here are some tips to get back on track and spell-off the sugar out of your system.

Say goodbye to the candies

Before anything else, all the remaining spoils of the “trick or treat hunt” be cast off! If you’re thinking of ways to get of rid of the leftover sweets, then check out our blog post “3 Hacks To Try For A Zero Waste Halloween“.

Eat plenty of veggies and healthy fats

The key is to adopt a healthy diet. Adding some healthy fat can actually help you stabilize your blood sugar. It can also help you feel full for a longer period of time, which is a great way to curb cravings. Add a bunch of veggies to your diet and you’re well on your way to start detoxifying sugar out your system.


One of the simplest ways to flush out all of that extra sugar in your system is to drink more water. High sugar consumption can actually lead to dehydration. When there’s extra sugar in your blood, you urinate more. That’s your body’s way of getting rid of the sugar. A large amount of water goes out with that urine, causing your body to dry out. Drinking more water helps you ensure that you still maintain enough water levels in your system while the “junk” is getting out.

Pump up the Protein

Protein helps the body maintain and repair itself. Since protein doesn’t impact blood sugar levels, it’s another great alternative rather than get back to sweets. Protein also increases satiety, hence relying on protein to feel full versus candy, bread, rice, and/or pasta that will make you feel more sluggish, may be a good way to start off the day.


To get your metabolism back to speed, you have to sweat out the toxins. An exercise routine such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and cross fit can be an effective way to burn fat and get you out of the sugar rut. If you’ve been lethargic all day, this activity is guaranteed to make your more agile and keep your heartbeat up!

The great thing about this detox is that you can get back to this list even for other holidays! When you feel like you’ve indulged for Thanksgiving or Christmas, simply follow back the steps and you’re all set. Love our content? Stay updated and follow us in our social media pages.

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