5 Dinner Recipes Ideas for Picky Eaters

Blog | 5 Dinner Recipes Ideas for Picky Eaters | Kitchen Life Store Cooking a healthy meal for your family after a long workday can present quite a challenge when you have a picky eater.  Unfortunately, we can’t help you change their taste buds, but we can definitely help you satisfy them with the best and the easiest picky eaters’ recipes.


Cooking a healthy family meal after a long workday can present quite a challenge when you have a picky eater.  Unfortunately, we can’t help you change their taste buds, but we can definitely help you satisfy them with the best and the easiest picky eaters’ recipes. Perfect for adults and kids alike.

No more going through heaps of cookbooks just to hear “NO” to everything you choose to cook. Turn your dinner plans around with creative recipes, which will leave your picky eaters wanting more.

From fun pasta recipes to tasty tacos, chicken nuggets to cheesy lasagna, these easy to cook dinner ideas will satisfy the taste buds of every individual in your family; even the picky-eaters!

Enchilada Casserole

Enchilada Casserole for Picky Eaters

Who doesn’t love enchiladas? Everyone would agree with the fact that enchiladas are simply delicious. The luscious combination of cheese, black beans, tomatoes, and your favorite sauce will leave you with a flavorsome entrée, simple and fun to prepare. It is a must-add to your picky eaters’ recipes list.

Named by mothers as one of the yummiest recipes for picky toddlers, this recipe from Taste of Home will leave your kids begging for more.

Packed with a healthy blend of nutrients, this enchilada casserole is a meal that will never last long in your home with kids. The great thing about enchiladas is that you can add all your favorite ingredients into it. There's no hard fast rule to stick to.

There are endless ways to make enchiladas, so give this one a try using this yummy recipe or make your own version using ingredients that your child likes.

Get the recipe here

Pizza Skillet Pasta

One Pot Pizza Skillet Pasta for Picky Eaters

Weekends shouts for pizza can be heard in almost all households. But as a parent, you worry about an unhealthy diet for your picky eater child. So why not prepare a homemade mix of pizza and pasta yourself. It’s definitely more fun and exciting than ordering out. Once you try it out, you’ll agree that it’s a match made in heaven.

To satisfy the taste buds of your fussy eaters, make the meal prep process fun. Set a specific pizza day to get your kids involved. Remember, the more interested they are in the food, the more they will enjoy it. Furthermore, to make it extra tasty, add their favorite sauce and ingredients.

Encourage them to add in their favorite ingredients. It will help them understand what goes into their meal. If they like any one of the ingredients, they will definitely like the whole meal.

This nutritious one pot recipe can serve six individuals. Cook and top it with your favorite toppings to add your personal touch to it. Under 30 minutes, you will have dinner that is enjoyed by all.

Get the recipe here

Sausage and Cheese Lasagna

Sausage and Cheese Lasagna for Picky Eaters

Lasagna is a classic recipe! Loved by all, this delicious dish has the highest rank in the world for luxurious meals. Unlike regular lasagna, this recipe doesn't take hours to cook. The scrumptious blend of sausage and cheese can be prepared in under 60 minutes to satisfy their loud tummy voices.

Try using a cookie cutter to cut the lasagna into different shapes for your kids. Make it interesting to eat using melted cheese and swinging it around the fork for a fun eating experience.

If your picky eater doesn’t like sausages, you can always replace sausage with another protein like turkey or chicken.

Get the recipe here

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets for Picky Eaters

Crunchy and meaty, the love for chicken nuggets is endless. Whether it's for adults or kids, the best way to prepare a quick dinner is to make homemade chicken nuggets and serve them with their favorite dipping sauce. All kids love chicken nuggets. It is their go-to food item. If it can be used for snacks, it can definitely be used for dinner, especially on a busy day.

Cut your nuggets into different shapes using a cookie cutter. Make them extra crispy or less crispy, depending on how your kid's taste. Adding the perfect dipping sauce is one of the best ways to make them disappear. We assure you it is the best chicken recipe for picky eaters.

Plus, there is no need to worry about the unhealthy side effects. You are making them at home with fresh chicken, using hygienic ingredients, and a clean oven. Dip your chicken chunks in a pre-made egg batter mixture. Top the layer with breadcrumbs and bake it until golden. Still confused?

Get the detailed recipe here.


Applesauce Pancakes for Picky Eaters

Who said pancakes are only for breakfast? 

The good thing about pancakes is that they're pretty straightforward. It's like sweet cooked dough. How can someone be fussy about that combination? 

The best way to deal with a persnickety eater is to feed them what they like. A simple pancake recipe is healthy, fun, and easy to make. Very few ingredients means there is nothing to fuss about.

If your kid doesn’t like them dry, then adding delicious fruit pie flavors makes them a hundred percent yummier and tastier. Choose your kid's favorite fruit toppings and add them to their pancakes.

Give this Applesauce Pancake recipe a try here

Give Them A Try!

These recipes are hard to say no to, especially for picky eater kids. Don’t believe us? Give one or all of them a try and let us know your picky eaters' reaction after being served a delicious and mouth-watering dinner plate. Were there any leftovers? Or did you leave them wanting more?

We understand that preparing food for extremely picky eaters can be daunting. But, together we can make the dinner plans tasty for everyone!

Our hope is that these recipes bring you peace of mind when it comes to pleasing your picky eater. Let us know how these easy to make recipes saved the day and if you have some more fun recipes of your own, share them with us!


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