3 Family New Year’s Resolutions for 2019



The end of every year is a good time to reflect on whatever practices we want to keep in our own families for the upcoming year.  For parents, it’s a great opportunity to recreate and build a family culture geared towards empowering positivity.  As for the younger ones, it’s a great time to share with family and friends the lessons learned during 2018 so they can improve in whichever endeavor they choose.

For New Year’s resolution to be a success, the family must take everyone’s experiences into account, hold everyone accountable and monitor the progress as each month passes by. Perhaps treat is as a family team challenge or create best practices and activities that enforce these values in a fun and memorable way.

To make things easy, we’ve chosen 3 New Year’s resolutions ideas your family can start with.

Eating Family Meals Together

Getting everyone to eat family meals together can be a tricky task now when everyone seems to be busy and everything seems to be moving faster. Setting aside time to prepare a family meal, fixing the table, cooking and eating together is especially important. It allows everyone the opportunity to share how their day went and is an excellent way to foster a healthier and more sociable home environment.

Start A Family Exercise Plan

This is perhaps one of the most common resolution on every person’s list. And there is actually nothing wrong with that. However, the ability to fully adopt a plan that conforms to every member of the family’s lifestyle is particularly challenging. That is why having a good support system is important. The best support available is from your very own family, so choose and activity that every member of the family can join. One good idea is walking, running, biking or hiking outdoors. Exercise videos and apps can also help bring you closer and get fit while doing it. 


Unplug and Retreat

With most of the teenagers and even adults getting so hooked on social media, it is important to strike a balance between the use of these social media platforms and real social interactions. The thing is, nowadays everything seems to be competing for our attention and most of these activities consume the majority of our time. Social media and the digital world have become the substitute for actual human interaction. As a family, interacting with each other is extremely important as it fosters healthy relationships and habits. So, take a break from the digital world and create more live interactive activities the family can enjoy altogether. 

Adopting family rule like no smartphones or tablets during meal times is a good start. You can also opt out for a family getaway or engage in activities ranging from playing board games to experiencing the outdoors (i.e. walk, hike, swim, etc.). With a little creativity, the number of family activities that replace social media are just endless.

New Year’s resolutions offer the opportunity for a life reset; a chance to set goals, celebrate progress or simply get back on track. As a family, whatever your goal for the New Year is (i.e. making your family better, stronger and more harmonious, etc.) may not require a complete overhaul, but rather a few strategic tweaks! We’d love to know what New Year’s resolution your family will be making this year!

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