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For people who are in love with food, it can be really hard to shop for. Most likely because they have already stocked up their kitchen with the best kitchen tools and the most advanced appliances present in the market. 

If your loved one is a foodie, a pro in the kitchen, or even if they are developing their cooking skills, they will always need the best kitchen tools to sauté, stir, chop and bake with ease, all while having fun in the kitchen. 

To that end, we have compiled a list of cool essential kitchen tools that will be great for foodies regardless of the occasion. These kitchen tools are guaranteed to make cooking (and cleaning) easy, safe, and fun, whether it is making dinner for one or prepping for a big holiday meal.

Whether you use these kitchen gadgets to speed up your cooking process, cut down your meal prep time, or even reduce your clean-up time, these unique kitchen gadgets will surely assist you in one way or the other.

Warning: Once you start using the best kitchen gadgets that we’ve picked out for you, there is no going back.

10 Best Kitchen Tools for Foodies | Multifunction Kitchen Tool | Kitchen Life

8-in-1 Kitchen Tool

This unique kitchen tool may seem confusing. You may be wondering, is it a lemon squeezer, A cheese grater, or a measuring cup? Well, it is all of the above. This useful kitchen gadget has eight different functions contained in one device. When you talk about saving space and money, this is definitely a best kitchen gadget for every food lover in your gift list. 


10 Best Kitchen Tools for Foodies | Microwave Cleaner | Kitchen Life
Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Cleaning the microwave is such a chore, especially when the stains get a bit old. In this case, Angry Mama is here to clean the microwave easily. You can easily clean off food splatters with steam, and the best part is that you don’t even have to do the hard work. All you have to do is fill Angry Mama with water and a splash of white vinegar. Then pop it in the microwave for a total of seven minutes and voila, you got a spotless microwave in only seven minutes. This is definitely one must have kitchen item.




10 Best Kitchen Tools for Foodies | Manual Coffee Grinder | Kitchen Life

If you are a coffee lover and drinking coffee is an essential part of your day, this is the coffee grinder that will change your life. With this coffee grinder, you can grind your coffee beans to your liking and always enjoy your coffee as fresh and flavorful as possible. Why? Because the grinder is portable. So you can take it with you anywhere in the world. It’s like carrying your barista with you everywhere.


10 Best Kitchen Tools for Foodies | Pour Over Coffee Maker | Kitchen Life

Purr Over Coffee Brewer

Cats? I know I love and adore them. Coffee? Even Better! Combine the two and what do you get? This pour over coffee maker combines two of everyone’s favorite, coffee and cats. Its cat design is so cute and loveable that it will make you want to brew your coffee several times a day.




10 Best Kitchen Tools for Foodies | Pancake Batter Mixer | Kitchen Life

Pancake Batter Mixer

Mixing up pancake batter equals messy kitchen. With a squeezable bottle like this batter mixer, you can easily mix your pancake batter ingredients without having to go through the mess and clean up afterward.

Also, this pancake batter mixer can make it easy for you to dispense the pancake mixture without using a spoon or ladle and spilling it all over your kitchen counter. After you are done, all you need to do to clean is rinse excess batter inside the mixer with soap and water then toss it in the top rack of your dishwasher.


10 Best Kitchen Tools for Foodies | Butter Churn | Kitchen Life
Butter Churner

If your foodie loved one is passionate and loves to make everything from scratch, then this butter churner is one to take their heart away. This butter churner is a small and portable device that you can easily set up on your countertop and make enough butter when required.




10 Best Kitchen Tools for Foodies | Salt & Pepper Grinder | Kitchen Life

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Being someone who loves to cook and create unique dishes, the traditional salt and pepper shakers are so passé. This salt and pepper grinder set and shaker guarantees to make your job easier. It has an adjustable coarseness feature through which you can choose a fine grain or a bigger grain. You can season your food just the way you like it.



10 Best Kitchen Tools for Foodies | Quesadilla Maker | Kitchen Life

Quesadilla Maker

Who said that quesadillas are only for Cinco De Mayo? You can enjoy them anytime of the year. But making so many quesadillas makes you want to think twice. This quesadilla maker lets you cook up restaurant-quality quesadillas at home without going through the hassle.

With its different divisions, you can make many different quesadillas with different fillings, all at the same time. The more types of quesadillas, the happier the people will be!



10 Best Kitchen Tools for Foodies | Whisk Cleaner | Kitchen Life
Whisk Cleaner

Don't you hate it when you have food stuck to the end of the whisk, and you can't take it out? You keep struggling with a spoon or a knife to scoop out most of the batter.

Here to make your job easy comes this whisk cleaner. It will help you remove food and batter stuck on the whisk’s loops, which ultimately reduces your cleaning time and also reduces the amount of food waste. This piece of plastic catches all the drippings before they even hit the counter. You can then scrape this piece of plastic into the bowl and save up all that batter.


10 Best Kitchen Tools for Foodies | Lasagna Pan | Kitchen Life
Lasagna Trio Pan

So, you like chicken lasagna, your kids want more cheese on their lasagna, and your husband is on a diet and wants a veggie lasagna with low-fat cheese. How do you make three different lasagnas altogether?

Presenting you with The Lasagna Trio Pan!!! This pan has three different sections that allow you to make three different kinds of lasagna simultaneously. All you have to do is assemble your different lasagnas like you normally would and pop the pan in the oven. This way everyone is happy. And its best part is less waste of food.


Final Thoughts

A food lover can never have enough essential kitchen tools. Although all of these qualify as best kitchen tools, are essential, and most loved, our favorite ones are the Salt and Pepper Grinder Set and Coffee Grinder Set with Spoon and Brush.

It’s our belief that food without flavor is like renting a room without a view. For that reason, we love the Salt and Pepper Grinder Set. Moreover, with the Manual Coffee Grinder, that includes a Spoon and Brush, we can happily drink fresh tasting coffee even when we’re at work, in the park or just chilling at home doing absolutely nothing. We think these two kitchen tools make the job of preserving the best flavor for our meals easy, whether in terms of grinding fresh spices or coffee.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below and tell us which essential kitchen tools are your favorite.

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