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Summer Breakfast Ideas When It’s Too Hot to Cook

Summer Breakfast Ideas When It’s Too Hot to Cook

The summer season has a lot to offer from lazy days at the beach to fun pool parties. But at the same time, there’s also the blazing hot summer sun. Cooking breakfast when it’s 90° outside, makes it almost an unbearable task.

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5 Dinner Recipes Ideas for Picky Eaters

Cooking a healthy meal for your family after a long workday can present quite a challenge when you have a picky eater.  Unfortunately, we can’t help you change their taste buds...
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Just purchased the herb scissors and love them!!   The quality of the shears is wonderful and the price, even better! Thanks Kitchen Life for having such quality products!

Maria, SC


This sharpener saved me a lot of dough. I was about to spend a bunch on money in a new set of kitchen knives  when I came across this knife sharpener. Well im glad I gave it a try. All my knives needed was some sharpening. Now they are sharp and ready for all manner of cooking experiments.

Craig, IL


Great to use when cutting meat. Gloves fit very well.

Jacob, TX


I had no idea my kitchen knifes were so dull. Never paid attention to my knives until my wife gave me this nifty little gadget. All I can say is WOW. Sharpening really makes a difference.

Ronald, KY


Great consistent grind. I bought this because my friend always raves about how much better fresh grounded coffee tastes.  I definitely agree.

Corey, FL


Nicer in person.  Very impressed with the quality of this salt grinder set. Very easy to refill and the basket makes it easy to move around. Looks very elegant on my dinner table.

Kristen, PA